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  1. vinister

    Want to Sell FS: Triple 3870 EK Watercooled setup + Accessories

    last bump before I take the existing offer.
  2. vinister

    Want to Sell FS: Triple 3870 EK Watercooled setup + Accessories

    $150 for everything pictured, PLUS shipping. I am very meticulous about packaging and will make sure they get to their destination safely. This setup cost $1500 only 2 years ago!! Performance in today's games is still very good. At 1920x1080, in DX9 mode, I was getting steady 60fps in bad...
  3. vinister

    Want to Sell FS: Triple 3870 EK Watercooled setup + Accessories

    SOLD - 3x Visiontek HD3870 Video cards, With EK Full Coverage Copper/Acetal Waterblocks attached. - Various Fittings to assist in mounting triple-crossfire system in single chassis. (2 types - all spacings possible) - I have the original coolers for the 3870's, they are not pictured, but...
  4. vinister

    EK full cover gpu cooler for 5850 in Canada

    I got one arriving today from ncix
  5. vinister

    Calling SLR people

    I for one am buying the T2i. I am buying it because "ZOMG, I can shoot at 18MP and take 1080P videos of the kids!!!" ... Seriously, that is basically why lol. Say what you will, I am comfortable with my weakness to marketing. I love how the T2i has that instant 'record movie'...
  6. vinister

    4870 and 3870 Value?

    I'll trade you the 3870 for a silverstone strider st1000w I am selling in another thread.
  7. vinister

    Want to Sell Silverstone Strider ST1000W New in Box

    feedback? What do you mean? I have one in my system, its been powering a 4ghz 955 and 3 x 3870s. Perfect stability, low noise, no complaints!
  8. vinister

    Canon Set to Launch EOS Rebel T2i 18MP DSLR

    I'm buying this camera for sure. For me, its the perfect camera. I am often called upon to take photos at work for web and print use, up to poster size, and I like being able to crop the images, so for me the 18MP sensor is welcome. I also have 2 2 year olds who run around like crazy so...
  9. vinister

    Want to Sell Silverstone Strider ST1000W New in Box

    Silverstone Strider ST1000W SOLD *** SOLD Thanks *** Dual +12V with continuous 70A combined output 100% modular cables with cable bag Support dual PCI-E 8 pin connectors & quad PCI-E 6 pin connectors Silent running 135mm fan Support for ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V Active PFC Efficiency greater than...
  10. vinister

    hwc homepage 20% cpu

    ya its a bit lame, mods can we get that fixed pls?
  11. vinister

    Weird OCCT

    Have to agree, prime95 has been 8 hours stable, yet OCCT will fail in 2-3 hours. I never thought to question the program, because all it takes is more voltage or less clock to make it pass. I'm not sure why people hate on it, actually I've only noticed it on this forum. Stability testing...
  12. vinister

    Help me WC my 4870 only

    If you already have a good cpu cooler and you are happy with your temperatures and clocks, then there is no reason to water cool it. Air coolers have come a long way, the vendetta is one of the best available. Starting from scratch, I would say water, but since you already have it, just...
  13. vinister

    Asus 4870 Low Performance?

    In my experience, in both FEAR 2 and GRID, my ATI gpu's shoot directly to 99% useage, especially in GRID. 3 gpus sit at 99% useage just at the menu screen. Its just how the game is designed. Is your card ever going over 80% useage?
  14. vinister

    Any way to prove rogers wrong?

    just go buy Grid at the store. Its worth the money they want for it, it looks great, plays great, and will give you hours of fun. I hope Rogers does everything in their power to smack you for torrenting it, even if they have to lie about your download limits.
  15. vinister

    what do u think? AMD 720 BE

    I say buy now. The 720BE is an amazing chip. Here are my results, posted in another thread. http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/cpus-motherboards/15798-phenom-ii-x3-720-a-2.html#post163890 I just ordered this mobo to upgrade from my AM2 board, its a great price and the feature set is...
  16. vinister

    HD 4870 1GB vs HD 4850 x2 2GB

    Your cpu is a bit weak for GTA4. GTA4 loves triple/quad cores up near 4Ghz. I went from 30 to 45 fps by upgrading my CPU only (mind you I was very bottlenecked before)
  17. vinister

    Can anyone suggest an online FPS full of pwnage?

    Maybe not exactly your style, but left 4 dead is my favorite online shooter right now.
  18. vinister

    Phenom II X3 720

    I picked up a 720, upgraded from the older 9850 quad. Here's my results After having it home for 1 hour: Gain from X4 9850 to X3 720, both at stock clocks. I can only guess the increase is so large because my tri-fire setup was severely bottlenecked by the suckyness of the 9850BE. Best...