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  1. jcmaz

    Want to Buy Motherboard/CPU/RAM combo, GPU

    I'm looking for two specific items. Let me know what you have! I'm located in Vancouver BC. EDIT: Local only please! 1) Motherboard/CPU/RAM combo. The combo needs to have at least a Phenom II X6 CPU or Intel 2XXX and above CPU. I'm looking to spend under $150 2) GPU wise, I'm looking for...
  2. jcmaz

    Price check on PowerColor 5870 PCS++

    Hey everyone, I have a Powercolor 5870 PCS++ graphics card that I'd like to know the value of. PowerColor Official Website - Graphics, Cases, Power Supply -- PowerColor PCS++ HD5870 1GB GDDR5(DIRT2 EDITION) Thanks!
  3. jcmaz

    Entry level AM3 PC Appraisal

    Hey HWC, How much is this PC worth? Specs: AMD Phenom II X3 720BE Gigabyte 785GT-UD3H 6GB DDR3-1333 ram (Kingston/Corsair) OCZ Vendetta cooler NEW: WD Blue 500GB hard drive Unopened: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Apex midtower case with 400W PSU. I'm thinking it's worth around $300-$350...
  4. jcmaz

    Cellphone Repair in GVR???

    Hey HWC, Does anyone know of a place at repairs cell phone in the Greater Vancouver Region? My brother recently bricked his Nokia X7 while flashing a firmware. Thanks!
  5. jcmaz

    Want to Sell (GVR) Silverstone Raven 03

    Hello there HWC, I have a LNIB Silverstone Raven 03 (RV03) for sale. Reason for selling: I don't have enough space at home to keep it long term :( Sold as is. Here's the link to the case: RAVEN GVR Only, I'm willing to deliver within GVR for the cost of gas (to and fro). I'm looking to get...
  6. jcmaz

    Price Check: Powercolor PCS+ 5870 & Azza Helio 910 Blue

    Hey HWC, I was wondering how much a used Powercolor PCS+ 5870 GPU and Azza Helios 910B case are worth. Both are in good condition, and come with most original accessories. Thanks, Jcmaz
  7. jcmaz

    Want to Buy (GVR) $60 MAX Nvidia GPU

    Hey HWC, I'm looking for a video card for a friend of mine. Something along the lines of the 8800GT, but will also consider 9800GT/9800GTX/9800GTX+/GTS250/9600GT/8800GS/9600GSO/GTX260 if priced accordingly. Our budget is $60 MAX. Transferable warranty would be nice, but not required. **Will...
  8. jcmaz

    LCD Monitor for entry level graphics design

    Hey HWC, I need your help in selecting a new LCD monitor. This monitor is going to be my second screen next to my 14" Thinkpad Edge. The monitor will be used for Photoshop, word processing, video editing, and light gaming. I'm looking at monitors in the 23" to 24" range. Right now, I've got...
  9. jcmaz

    USB3.0 Flash drive worth it?

    Hey HWC, I recent bought 2 USB3.0 flash drives for $25 (tax included) each. I was wondering if they are worth it (USB2.0 vs USB3.0) for the extra 5-6 dollars I'm paying. I bought the Adata drive, but I'm thinking of getting the Corsair one. NCIX.com - Buy ADATA AS102-16G-RGY 16GB USB3.0 Flash...
  10. jcmaz

    Price check for SB Audigy 2ZS Platinum Pro and PSU

    Hey HWC, I was just wondering what a SB Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro (with IO box) and a Cooler Master eXtreme Power 600W PSU is worth. Thanks in advance!
  11. jcmaz

    Audigy 2ZS External IO box question

    Hey guys, I'm using the Audigy 2 ZS Platinum with the External IO box right now. 5.1 surround sound is awesome with this unit using the DanielK drivers. However, the IO box will not work :( So how do I get the IO box to work? Does it need more power than the sound card can provide, hence the...
  12. jcmaz

    Sony PS3 price drop!!! [Engadget]

    Sony drops PS3 price to $250 in US, ?250 in Europe -- Engadget Comment and Enjoy!
  13. jcmaz

    Want to Sell LG Optimus One Android Phone (TELUS)

    Hey HWC, I have a 4 month old LG Optimus One Android smartphone (LOCKED TO TELUS) for sale which includes box, manual, unused headphones, USB cable, and stock 2GB micro SD card. No modifications (rooting) have been done to this particular phone as it is my brother's. It will be resetted to...
  14. jcmaz

    HT Omega Striker

    Hey HWC, So how much is my HT Omega Striker worth these days? Thanks, Jcmaz
  15. jcmaz

    LG Optimus One Rooting Question (Bootloader)

    Hey fellow LG O1 owners, I am stumped. Did you have to unlock the fastboot as per this tutorial xda-developers - View Single Post - [HOW TO] Fastboot on LGP500 Because right now I'm confused.... My friend says my bootloader has to be unlocked, yet I am unsure if it is unlocked on the O1. So...
  16. jcmaz

    Canada Post "unpackaged" option

    Hey HWC, What is this "unpackaged" when I use the Canada Post estimator? It adds an additional $7.5 yet I do not know what this option does. Can someone please explain? Thanks!
  17. jcmaz

    LG Optimus One Android Phone (TELUS)

    Hey HWC, How much can I get for a 5 month old, LG Optimus One phone? Here's Telus' linK: LG Optimus One with Google? |  Smartphones |  Phones & devices |  TELUS Mobility Thanks!
  18. jcmaz

    Want to Sell 120mm Fans ::: WTT: A 140mm fan :::

    Hey ya everybody! I'm located near Vancouver, BC, specifically in New Westminster. Local sale only. NOTE: All items are SOLD AS IS. UPDATED!: I am interested in trades for a 140mm fan!!!! Fans Fest Packages a) 38mm thick 120mm Delta fan, 92mm Panaflo, 2 Antec Spot Cools, (1) 120mm case...
  19. jcmaz

    No clue what these parts are! Please help ID'ing them

    Hey HWC, I acquired several parts from Cpt.Vortex. However, I do not know what they are. Here are the pictures of the parts in question. Click them for higher resolution. Thanks in advance for your help!
  20. jcmaz

    What to do with a leaky dehumidifier?

    Heya HWC, I am decommissioning a dehumidifier because the container leaks, but the motor and what not works fine and dandy. Instead of chucking it away, what can I do with it? Thanks, Jcmaz

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