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  1. tri5cui7

    Dell U3014 price check

    Hi all, I have a Dell U3014 in perfect condition that I am going to sell. It is in perfect condition, no scratches, smudges, dead pixels. What do you think it would go for used? I've had it for about a year and a half. Thank you!
  2. tri5cui7

    Flashing Sapphire 5850 bios

    Hello hardwarecanucks. Currently I have two sapphire 5850 in crossfire, I wouldn't mind over clocking both a wee bit and do some benchmarks. I've read that you can flash these cards with Asus bios for increased overclockability. I was wondering if any of you out there have done this and if so...
  3. tri5cui7

    General SSD questsion

    I have in my possession an intel 80GB 34NM Postville ssd and a OCZ Vertex 60GB ssd. I'm going to put one in my laptop and on in my main rig. My PC is what I use most often so I want the best of the two in that, I assume it's the intel one, if not please someone set me straight. I also have...
  4. tri5cui7

    free alternatives to Photoshop?

    Hello all, I was wondering if any of you know of any good free photo editing tools? Or student deals for Photoshop. I'm no expert but I'd like to hone my photo editing skillz. Thanks!
  5. tri5cui7

    Want to Sell Tri5cui7 WTB/FS thread

    This will be my second time in the buy/sell thread, please look at my wearz. Please PM me if you have any questions or offers. [FS] OCZ Vendetta 2 for $20+shipping if you have any questions please pm me. Sold Asus P5Q board which you $50 --->Traded to Technix universal laptop power...
  6. tri5cui7

    Price check for laptop

    Hey all, I have an LG-E300 laptop, about 2 years old, the specs are as follows General specs are here: LG XNote E300 Notebook Specifications | Notebook Drivers more specifically mine are core2duo 1.6GHz 4 Gigs of ram (kingston) 250HD and the rest as listed in the web page. It's in great...
  7. tri5cui7

    upgrade question

    OK I'm looking for advice, I currently have 2 sapphire HD 5850 cards but I have a p5Q motherboard with only one pci express slot. I'd love to crossfire these two bad boys but I am having a problem deciding what to do. what would you guys do in this situation. Would you upgrade your mother...
  8. tri5cui7

    Question about switching from Nvidia to ATI

    Hey all, I've just received my 5850 (sapphire) at my lunch break. I'm planning on setting it up tonight, hopefully that will go well. I currently have a 9600GT card and I was wondering if it's safe to take that out, replace it with the ati and uninstall the drivers or is there some particular...
  9. tri5cui7


    Hello all, I'm having difficulty setting up my new wireless router with WPA. I've set up the router to be this way but when I try to connect with my laptops they'll connect to the router after an extended period of time but will have limited connectivity. my laptop is an LG E300 with a Ralink N...
  10. tri5cui7

    BSOD assitance

    Hello everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble. Ocasionally my computer will memory dump and go to BSOD. I have the following error report Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 1033 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 124...
  11. tri5cui7

    V series in my lappy

    Hello long time reader, first time former. I've recently bought a kingston V-series SSD model number SNV125-S2BD, NCIX had them on sale for 115, couldn't pass it up. I've read a few reviews and I'm not to worried about the supposed stuttering issue from the JM controller. I was wondering if any...

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