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  1. J

    Want to Buy mATX 1155 board

    I'm throwing together a rig based on a 2600k I have laying around and have everything but a mATX mobo. Anybody have one unused laying around they're willing to sell me?
  2. J

    New Ryzen came with a bent pin

    My ol' Faithful is having power delivery issues and I just ordered a new build and the CPU came with a bent pin and wouldn't sit flush. I managed to get it fairly in line with tweezers and with very little effort get it flush in the CPU socket. Since this is going in a loop I now have to be...
  3. J

    Want to Buy found

  4. J

    Replacing an air cooler on a used watercooled card surprise!

    So I'm putting an air cooler on a card with an EK block that I got used a while back and to my surprise all the thermal pads still have their protective plastic still on! This card ran fine for over a year without the VRMs and memory getting proper heat transfer! Anybody else find interesting...
  5. J

    Work in progress Raven reborn

    It's been a long day and I've finally dismantled my water cooled raven after 5 hours and some mangling of my appendages. I've been sitting on a few upgrades for sometime but never got any time to rebuild until now. So here is the start of my raven reborn. This will be my first build using...
  6. J

    Want to Sell evgaZ68 ftw and w/c gtx570s

    Look to sell a few pieces that are being replaced. Gtx570s with EK nickel waterblocks. Two black and one clear. The clear one has very minor corrosion within the block. Looking for $175 shipped each. Dual or triple sli water bridge free with purchase of multiple cards. Evga Z68 ftw eatx board...
  7. J

    Path of Exile one day away!

    Anybody else stoked for the "pre-release"/open beta of Path of Exile? In one day closed beta characters are being wiped and open beta will begin with no more wipes (open beta will carry over into launch). And along with open beta comes act 3 and maps :whistle:. For those who haven't heard of...
  8. J

    Z77 and 2600k features.

    Hey HWC, I'm moving to a z77 maximus 5 extreme in my upcoming revision of my rig and taking advantage of trim passed in raid 0 and having alot of fun with asus' flagship board. But I'm still unsure about what processor to use. What features exactly would I be missing out on by stick with a 2nd...
  9. J

    Remember the old BFGs?

    I've used a few BFG 450w power supplies for a few builds back in the day and non have ever failed me. So now that I find myself having sold my test bench PSU I dug an old BFG out of the closet and set it up with the system I'm currently testing and long behind, this 450w psu is running a 7970...
  10. J

    The end result of food bank efforts

    Hey HWC! As some of you know I'm working my way though college by working part time at a men's shelter and rehabilitation center in the kitchen. Given that it's the season that food drives are running and one of HWC's sponsors is accepting forum points for donations I though I'd share a little...
  11. J

    10w vs 18w DDC

    Hey guys. I'm revising my build soon and I am currently using a 18w DDC pump which is doing a fantastic job but is unfortunately the loudest thing in my system. Would swapping it out for a 10w DDC be noticeably quieter or only marginally quieter for decreased performance?
  12. J

    Firefall: An open world mmo-style FPS

    Anybody here playing Firefall? If you are add me to friend under the name Bayya Firefall is a open world FPS that is now in beta phase 1. You can apply for a beta invite or buy your way in via a founder package for $20, $50 or $100. So far I'm really enjoying the game, it's fairly fast paced...
  13. J

    DVI capture card with scaler

    I havent been able to find one so I'd like to ask here. Is there a DVI input capture card capable of taking 2560x1440 and encoding it as 720p 60fps? Other requirement is it not being $3000. I have seen 4k capture cards that are extreme and expensive I was wondering if there were any consumer...
  14. J

    Jibz Rep

    Hey doodz if you have done transactions with me in the past and are kind enough to provide feedback it's much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. J

    Price Check on possible upcoming blowout

    Wondering if my pricing is acceptable for these items that may be coming up for sale soon. 2600k - $250 EVGA z68 FTW EATX - $150 3x GTX 570 w/ EK waterblocks - $190 ea or $465 for all 3 XFX triple monitor stand - $150 local pickup only (this isn't going to fit in a box) i3 2100 - $80 G.Skill...
  16. J

    Possible Revision of my raven02 wc'd build

    Hey guys I just wanted to share my thoughts aswell as collect suggestions and feedback from the community on some possible upcoming changes to my Raven: Nevermore build. The idea is dropping the tri-sli gtx 570s as I tend to not want the massive power consumption and I feel like running them...
  17. J

    Want to Buy WTB Avermedia HD gamer

    If somebody has one of these and is no longer using it I'd like to have a turn playing with one.
  18. J

    Google Chrome not outputing sound

    So i clicked a link skymtl posted which went to an apple site and tried playing a video with quicktime (which I had uninstalled a long time ago) it spat out a pluggin error and now Chrome will not output sound from any site. A reinstall didn't do anything and I have no pluggins and no options...
  19. J

    Will you try Windows 8 with a touchscreen

    I'm interested in what you guys think about touch screen PCs. Personally I use a 27 inch and a 23inch side monitor and they aren't close enough to me to touch. I'm not sure I'm interested in moving to a touch screen as I don't like my monitors in arms reach. I also think touch screens are far...
  20. J

    Which Introductory Tablet

    Well I've been really holding off on getting a tablet but I'm thinking I would like to pick up a relatively inexpensive one not only get myself first hand experience what tablets offer but to have a portable device ever slightly more convenient than my phone. I'm close to being sold on the...

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