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Want to Buy 1/2" G1/4 Barbs, MCP35X XSPC or EK Top, fans


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Nov 5, 2009
Guelph, ON
Basically finished my build and just need a few more parts to run it on water :thumb:

Looking for an MCP35X top preferably in clear acrylic but I am not picky because I can't find them in stock at a low price point anywhere on canada e-tailers. Also need a few 1/2" barbs to fit on my rad and pump (3 or 4 will do) $20 for top and a few$ for barbs

Lastly I am looking for some fans like CM R4s to outfit my rad with. Looking for 3. Looking for a blue/Red theme so any combo of QUIET fans will do. Looking for a few $ each (as they are 5.XX at best direct)

I'll pay shipping, just quote me to N1G when you PM me :biggrin:

After all this I will just have to put my pennies together for a new GPU and i'll be rockin :punk:

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