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2 In 1 Laptop


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Mar 8, 2008
Lower Mainland, BC
I'm looking for a 2 in laptop lately and I've been very intrigued by the XPS 13 as it seems like its the closest thing to the macbooks as far as quality, plus the ability to wrap the screen into a tablet seems great. It also comes in cheaper than some of the surface products.

I'm looking to use this for studying a bunch of sys admin courses and run some virtual stuff on the go for my CCNA and to do more work with docker. I seem to have some pretty big gaps in my work days where I'm not usually doing anything so I figure if I can get a laptop to work while mobile I can better use my time. I also figure with the new Ice Lake chips Iris gpu I may be able to run some indy titles to play some games while on the road.

Im wondering if anyone has experience with 2 in 1 laptops and if anyone has some insight into the xps 13 or any competitors that might compare?