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2017.September .HEDTvs XEON.


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Mar 19, 2007
Quick nod to 486 , I copied your title a bit because this is where I am at.I didn't want to crap up your thread.
They say Septemberish for the 7920x and above skylake-x 12 core+ chips.

I'm curious what everyone thinks about a 12 core skylake-x V.S. 2x 6 core skylake-sp's .
I do realize the specs are not yet out for the skylake-x stuff.

I also know that 2x xeons gives me 88 pcie lanes etc...


From a motherboard/ram/cpu standpoint , what do you think is better ?


Dark Knight

I think you should include Threadripper as a potential choice as well. It's going to be released in early August and offers 16c/32t on a 4049 pin lga socket (aka x399 chipset).


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Nov 7, 2008
What is the intended use of the workstation? If it is gaming/general use - no real reason to go above 8 cores/16 threads. By the time general software and games will start benefiting from 10+ cores, the current HEDT or XEONs are going to be badly outdated. Even now, the only reason to go above 4 cores is heavy multiplayer games with some other app running in background. Myself, I intend to get 8 cores at 3.6GHz as going higher decreases the max freq and performance. 12-core Intel HEDTis going to have freqs close to 12-core XEONs, no miracle is expected there, since it is HCC part. Only LCC parts do higher freqs.

As for XEONs, well, I have two dual socket 8-core servers in the rack, just in case if I need heavy lifting. I find it the best combo, lower core-count higher freq desktop and higher core-count lower freq server(s).

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