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Want to Sell $225 CAD (PRICE DROP!) - Monster Computer Case + Accessories: Silverstone TJ11


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Oct 17, 2008
Got the kind of case that most people won't need but a few people would really like! Which kind of people?

These kinds:
- You want a case that can hold 15+ hard drives for some massive server
- You want a case that can hold two power supplies
- You want a case that can hold an E-ATX motherboard
- You want a case for monster graphics card setups
- You want a case that can do all that and have amazing air cooling - out of the box - (assisted by two giant 180mm fans and a 90 degree motherboard orientation)
-You want a case that can hold TWO longass 4x140mm water cooling radiators and run some water cooling setup in it
-You want a case built with quality 2mm thick aluminum to make a serious modder's case (great for paint jobs and holding together if you take a dremel to it)

The case is the legendary Silverstone TJ11 - and I've moved into smaller builds lately and frankly, need to make room given some imminent life changes. This case is still sought after with Ebay auctions holding good numbers of viewers and cases (the remaining new stock) going for upwards of $1000.

Here are some reviews of the case to give you an idea of its functionality:

Here is the official support page on Silverstone's site:

My case is not new however, and there is some minor cosmetic damage in hard-to-see parts of the interior with the most visible marks being some unfortunate scratches on the window. That said, replacement windows can easily be fashioned by a clever modder and are available online from mod shops around the world for those less inclined to do the job themselves. Some users may not even care.

To make up for that, there are also some pretty cool accessories I'll provide with the case as part of the price of $225:

- Two EXTRA pairs of 180mm fans - giving you the option of the stock 180s, higher power Air Penetrator 182s and sexy LED 181s! (these fans retail for more than $45 each online!) You'll have three sets of giant 180mm fans to mix and match with!
- Front panel gear: Front Bay 3 HDD in two slot hot-swap system with a mini fan (lets you put three more hard drives in the front)
- Front panel gear: slot loading optical drive housed in a front bay device that holds 2.5" hard drive in a hot swap bay
- Front panel gear: super cool fader system to turn lights/fans up and down
- Other stuff: a few random bits of lighting gear, some 120MM fans, cable tie mounts and some cable extensions

All of this is a few hundred bucks of gear basically thrown into the whole deal as part of the purchase price! I'm moving and pricing to sell - contact me in PMs with any offers!

SHIPPING OR PICKUP AVAILABLE: If you're in the GTA or can drive to Toronto - pickup would save you shipping $$. This is a massive case. Shipping *will be* expensive! I pledge to work with you to pick the best carrier/method to get to you in the rest of Canada, the US or international. I will not ask for any profit but will convey 100% of the shipping cost to you once we agree on a shipper, sending you a receipt so you know it's accurate! We can arrange to pay shipping + asking price @ same time or in two transfers, let's talk it out!


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB

You should really do something about the location of the asking price. :)

I had to spend quite a bit of time to find it......


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Oct 17, 2008
This case will hold a Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power, that is 170mm tall.. that's one of the tallest coolers you can buy.

Was good for me and a noctua D14!


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Oct 17, 2008

Landlord wants to live in my unit and EVERYTHING MUST GO!

Was 295 - now 225 special price for fellow canukistani nerds!!

Same great gear. Likely good flipping opportunity to someone with the patience to bust out the parts and sell on eBay a while!