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2x AMD Epyc 7742 Smash 4x Intel 8180M


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Jul 17, 2011
Partially yes and partially because they are easy targets being an "Available" provider. If you could get Dell branded boards from Amazon I am sure it would be the same issue. Ignoring the whole interconnected web of ODMs.

They are fast at patching.

Ugh no ty not till they can make them without possible malware embedded firmware/bios
There are exploits in all BMC all the time, most are from the same company and tweaked. They will get patched out in due time. Its not a strictly Supermicro thing. You could replace the BMC firmware on pretty much anything.

Or you know, don't expose the command and control interfaces to your servers to the public :cautious: Nobody would give open access to their datacenters with a map and crash carts for all!

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