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Want to Sell 3GB Crucial DDR3-1333 Kit - Micron D9GTS ICs *SOLD*


Associate Review Editor
Nov 8, 2006
Hey all,

I'm selling 3 x 1GB of Crucial DDR3-1333 CL9 1.50V modules, which feature the previously much sought after Micron D9GTS ICs.

They are not part of a triple-channel kit, I simply owned a box of these modules for many months and this is what's left. These particular modules were only opened last thursday and have less than 24 hours on them.

To provide a little added value, I memtest'ed them at a few different settings:

3 hours @ DDR3-1600 9-9-9 @ 1.55V (maybe even 1.50V, didn't try.)
5 hours @ DDR3-1600 8-8-8 @ 1.65V
5 hours @ DDR3-1800 9-9-9 @ 1.67V

Obviously, your mileage may vary, but these were all error-free results on the Rampage II Extreme.

Since these are highly flexible ICs, those who love tweaking will easily be able to find a sweet spot with 8-7-6 or 7-6-5 timings. And with a little additional voltage, I'm quite confident that they can hit the 2000Mhz mark.

I'm looking for $65 shipped O.B.O, payment via EMT only.

And yes, they will come with their original packaging and I can provide a receipt so you can take advantage of Crucial's lifetime warranty.

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