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65nm Brisbane "released"



A 1000w PCp&C?????

Holy cwap!!!!! That's probably enough to power 3 mid-range systems!!! :)

According to the Recommended PS list over at the DFI user forums the FSP epsilon 600/700 & the OCZ GameXstream 600/700 are virtually the same PS. (All 4 are highly recommended with the caveat that the OCZ 600 isn't recommended for ati 1900+ crossfire systems).

I would have prefered the FSP just for the natty blue colour, but my source here couldn't get it for me before christmas so I grabbed an OCZ 600 instead.
I picked mine up just before the OCZ was released, the first one I got was DOA and had to be RMAed back to ncix, the second works flawless.
And yeah pic dont do that blue justice, sweet.:D

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