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780 ti prevents video output on win7. (ASUS mobo)


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Aug 14, 2014

2x Crucial Ballistix Elite 8GB
Cooler Master Seidon 240M
Cooler Master V700 PSU
250 GB Samsung Evo SSD
1TB WD Black HDD
Pioneer BDR
Windows 7 Ultimate

When the graphics card is connected: I can’t get video output from ANY source (onboard VGA/dual-link DVI-D/HDMI or GPU’s dual-link DVI-D/HDMI). From the moment the computer boots, there is nothing onscreen. There is still a video output depending on the source, but the screen is just empty. I can tell Win7 has still loaded from the sound it makes though.

When the graphics card isn’t connected: Video will only output via VGA, with no/blank output from HDMI/DVI. On my first try, disabling and reenabling the Intel graphics driver for the integrated graphics allowed for video output through HDMI, but that only happened once. Apparently there’s an obscure issue with DVI and recent Intel integrated graphics. I’m not sure if there’s also an incompatibility between the motherboard and graphics card, but given how new they both are I wouldn’t assume that to be the issue.

Steps I’ve taken to address the issue: Checked proper mounting of GPU in PCIe & PSU connections. Tested each of the aforementioned video outputs on a couple of monitors that supported each input. Tried to disable safe boot in the UEFI bios but I think Windows 7 prevents me from doing so (safe boot is enabled by default). Uninstalled the intel graphics drivers so there wouldn’t be a conflict. Changed boot settings from UEFI to legacy where I could. Tried to force use of PCIe for graphics rather than onboard, but this always seems to be reverted to “Automatic” every time I check the BIOS again. Manually updated the BIOS to the most recent version.

TL;DR: Video outputs aren’t working properly, minus VGA w/out GPU. Installing the graphics card will give me no video output. Issue is very similar to http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/foru...new-gtx-780-ti-no-video-signal-need-help.html


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Jan 28, 2008
Markham, Ontario
Try disabling the chip's onboard graphics via BIOS and see if that fixes anything.

Not just disabling the driver in Windows, but the actual HD4600 in the chip.

Also try a different PCI-E slot to see if that helps anything.

Last step would be to update clear CMOS (CLR_RTC) and update BIOS as zoob suggested.

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