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8.8km Bridge with airFiber 5XHD's


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Jul 17, 2011
That is awesome. You have faster speed 8.8km from the source than I do in a building with Fibre lol


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Jan 2, 2007
Dargaville, New Zealand
Great job, though that has me wondering what sort of performance loss you may see during periods of say heavy rain or other more inclement weather.

Thanks for the replies!

Pretty much no rain fade at all.

I should mention I initially did a test setup with a couple of PowerBeam PB 5AC Gen 2's costing around $400 to $500 NZD. They were connecting at around a pretty impressive 300Mbps.

But....Knowing there was a 900/400 connection sitting at the house in town. I had to upgrade and I figured it was much cheaper vs running fiber 3.2 km from the internet box down the road. So the wife approved the upgrade lol

I had to beef up the mounting pole to prevent it from blowing away with the bigger dish. According to the specs sheet the dish ---790N @200km/h (178lbf @ 125mph).

The location is a pretty exposed. We had a good gust just yesterday...

The highest recorded gust at the house was around 126-130kmh.

I find it pretty amazing myself.....I can remember back in 2004 have a hard time getting wifi to work across a 12 ft room lol and here we are today.

Here is a link to ubiquiti UniFi link assist page - https://link.ui.com/# perhaps it will help someone else looking to do something similar.

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Nov 21, 2007
British Columbia
yes, I should have commented on nifty this thread is.

I had an order a couple years back for a city in the prairies...they bought some HW like this, but it was about $45K. been to long now so I don't remember the finer details, but cool non-the-less!