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8700K -> 5900X and 4790K -> 8700K


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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
I am very pleased to report... IT'S ALIVE!! IT'S ALIVE!!! :) And on the first try, no tiny front panel wiring changes to make, and front USB3 connected and functioning!

Wasn't a lot more building to do tonight. Final pics:

This is the somewhat tidied cabling result. Not amazing and I was tempted to chop off all those fan RGB wires I had to bundle up but I decided that was a little too drastic. It's acceptable. There was enough space between the power supply and the side panel to mount the fan splitter there, so that worked out nicer than the old build.


A few shots of the completed build:




When I first connected the power supply cable to plug I got this pulsing at me:


And then pressing the power button got me this:


There was much rejoicing :)

And the final cherry on top is the RAM is dual rank! I was pretty happy to see that. So I'm running two DIMM slots, dual rank, which if I understood all our other discussions is a preferred config.

Screenshot 2023-03-28 214844.jpg

I got Windows 11 reactivated, and installed all the drivers from the ASUS site. Next I want to see if I can get the AMD D.O.C.P working.
UPDATE: That was easy. Turn it on, now running at 3200 with advertised timings (y)

I'm on a BIOS from 2022, but there is a newer version that would update me to AGESA ComboV2PI 1208, so I'm guessing I should likely update the BIOS. You guys have done a lot of talking on here about AGESA versions and improvements.

And then after that, I've downloaded and installed Ryzen Master so I'll check into what that does for me... but not tonight ;)

Successful build, and I am very pleased with the nice clean result! I'll tackle the 4790K upgrade here maybe towards Easter.
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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
Glad to hear it ended up being Dual Ranked. I suspected it would be, but it's great to get confirmation. :)

Enjoy your new toy!!!!

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