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A Step BACKWARDS - EPOS H3 Gaming Headset Review


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Oct 2, 2006

The EPOS H3 gaming headset is trying to improve on everything from the Sennheiser GSP 300 with an improved mic, better gaming audio and design tweaks. But when it comes to the H3 vs GSP 300 gaming headset comparison, the EPOS H3 ends up in a bit of trouble. This COULD have been the best gaming headset of 2021 but that didn't happen.

Buy items in this video from Amazon & other affiliates at the links below:

GSP 300 - https://geni.us/GSP300Headset
EPOS H3 - https://geni.us/EPOSH3
GPS 500 - https://geni.us/GSP500
Blackshark V2 X - https://geni.us/BlacksharkV2X
PC38X - https://geni.us/PC38X
Game ONE - https://geni.us/GAME1
PC38X (From Drop) - massdrop.7eer.net/PC38X


0:00 - EPOS H3 Price & Availability
1:56 - Design & Build
3:00 - Gaming Headset Comfort
3:31 - WTF is up with the Volume Dial!?
4:20 - Epos H3 Cable Noise
5:02 - Earcup Design & Problems
6:09 - Mic Test (EPOS H3 vs GSP 300 vs PC38x vs Blackshark V2 X)
8:02 - Audio and Gaming Experience
10:04 - EPOS H3 Conclusion

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