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Want to Sell Acer Aspire One (SSD + Linux model)


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Jul 10, 2008
Greater Toronto Area

Hi All,

I've got an almost brand new Acer Aspire One that I'd like to sell. Its only a couple of months old, in perfect working order and in excellent physical condition. The original box and all accessories will be included. There are no dead pixels and only a couple of very faint (can barely be seen) hair sized scratches on the monitor bezel. Its practically brand new.

Its a great little netbook, but my wife needs a full-size laptop for her business. I've installed a 1GB Kingston SODIMM module that maxes out the memory to 1.5GB. Believe me, it is not easy to install the extra ram in it. There was no damage done whatsoever during to the ram install (some people have scratched up their AA1s installing the ram due to the complexity).

The model I'm selling is the white 3-cell Aspire One with Linux and the 8GB solid state drive. It is this one at NCIX.

I will wipe it out and reinstall the operating system prior to shipping it out so that it will be received in the out-of-the-box factory state.

My terms: I accept payment via EMT or non-cc PayPal (EMT is preferred). Shipping is free via Canada Post Express Post. Insurance will be added for the full amount and a tracking number will be provided. I've got a crazy work schedule so no pick ups please. Shipping is free so please don't ask. I'm also going to be 100% firm on the price as it is a very fair deal given that you're basically getting an almost new Aspire One with 3x the memory for less than retail (especially when considering no tax and free shipping). Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to see any close-up shots of it.



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Jan 23, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Don't you know your supposed to wait before you buy toys, this close to Christmas 3.0 Charlie?

Lol, nice purchase, I've been looking at these, we have a dell mini 9 at work and their nearly the same, but the Asus one has a slighter bigger keyboard and doesn't crowd my hands.

Enjoy. :bleh:

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