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Acer Predator XB271HK 27" 4K Monitor Review Comment Thread


HardwareCanuck Review Editor
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Feb 26, 2007

Acer has just been emailed about that thing. I couldn't see the pics since the sound I made when I saw the specs caused all my p*rn filters to turn on.....

;) ;)


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Oct 24, 2007
So say you have a 980Ti that can push 4k at 40 FPS or 1440P at 65 FPS (for argument's sake, not looking up benchmarks right now) which monitor would you pick? I'm leaning towards the 1440P Gsync myself but I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Me personally. Id take res over frame rates. I look at things this way:
I upgrade a monitor every 3-5 years. I upgrade the GPU every 2 years. So in two years I can throw more horsepower at it no problem... and is a good excuse to upgrade the GPU. ;)

My question to you is, on a 27" screen do you think there is an evident improvement in clarity by having 4k over 1440P (assuming all else equal....color reproduction/refresh rates/etc)?

The reason why I ask it that at ~21" 1080p is fine IMO. I find around a 23-24" screen the max for a monitor at 1080p. Then 27" I preferred 1440p. Having not played with any high end monitors, I am wonder what your take is on strictly resolution at that size. Is it notable? Is it worth pushing all the extra pixels?

I actually had my Dell U2713H sitting right next do it during testing and in A/B scenarios noticed a big improvement in clarity. Will you? No idea. Check one out in person and see before taking the plunge. :thumb:

How about a 32" one? I might have put this in another thread but here is it again:
Acer Predator XB321HK Bmiphz 32IN G-SYNC 4K IPS Gaming Monitor 3840X2160 4ms HDMI Dport Speakers - UM.JX1AA.001

This one tempts me for sure because it would get the screen size up to not have to mess with DPI.

Its too early to know for sure, but a review on it may be in the works... then I can answer if its better/more optimal/etc than the 27-inch version. On the surface though.... its sounds damn near perfect!


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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
I would love a review on that 32" 4K one. I like the idea of the 1440p ultrawides but I think that a 32" 4K with all that extra desktop space goodness for the coding and work I do and a more traditional aspect ratio for games AND G-Sync... wowy... that very well would be worth sinking $2K into because I would be running that screen for a long time. And you're right AkG, upgrading GPUs certainly does happen more often than monitors so the experience would only get better.

Elite Dangerous in 32" 4K goodness... dreamy! :)


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Folding Team
Oct 4, 2013
Arctic Canada
I'd wait till they re release it with HDMI 2.0 or DP 1.3 I shoulda waited but I needed a new moniyor. Loving my Dell atm.


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Nov 26, 2014
I so want the XB321HK.. anyone want to buy a X34? :) It amazes me they are the same price tho. EEESH.

I really want to go 4k as the games I play don't require super high FPS but I don't think the 27in of this monitor is worth it moving from my x34.

Sigh. I guess I might have to wait for the DP 1.3 and 1.4 monitors.

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