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AMD’s DLSS Might Work With Nvidia GPU’s ?!


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Oct 2, 2006

Nvidia’s DLSS... The tech that we want in every game, every PC and every console thanks to its boost in FPS with minimal visual quality decrease. basically the big bad wolf haunting amd, day in day out until the red team figures out how to make something similar with RDNA 2. Well, amd has been working hard on it, and apparently, it’s already in the hands of developers.

This information comes from Coreteks over on youtube, who.. Let’s say has a wavy track record in terms of leaks, but still delivered on some occasion when it came to timelines and such. He was warned in advance of things like the launch and release date of the RX 6700 series and the delays accompanying the 6700 non XT.

Anyways, in this video, coreteks outlines some information from the leaker. Here it IS. AMD’s FSR, the DLSS competitor is already in dev’s hands. It also won’t require training from a GAN pre deployment. That means it won’t need any training per game like DLSS 1.0 had to have.

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