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AMD’s Ryzen 5800X3D is SLOWER Than The 5800X Here!


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Oct 2, 2006

So in about a month, we’ll finally see what AMD has been teasing for almost a year! Last June was the first time we saw the company showcase its 3D V cache technology. Back then it was on a 5900X locked at 4Ghz, and when they compared both the chip with and the one without 3D V cache, AMD said that a performance boost of about 15% was added with the 3D chip.

Fast forward to CES and there's no mention of the 5900X with 3D V Cache. Instead, it was the 5800X that got the Stacked chip treatment. But is it too little too late for this chip? That’s what we’re discussing, on your boot sequence.

Let’s jump right into it. In terms of Gaming performance, AMD put their new 5800X3D against their own 5900X and a 12900k. Now, the 5900X is already faster than the original non-3D 5800X in gaming. Not by much, but still a couple of percents faster. In AMD’s charts, the 5800X3D was on average 15% faster at 1080P Gaming. So, way faster than its predecessor.

If we look at the 12900K comparison, the 5800X3D Wins some and Ties some. I’m sure it loses some, but we’ll have to wait for reviews to see how it fares.

Anyways, with the information at hand, we can guesstimate that the 5800X3D is the fastest gaming processor in town. But what if you’re not just gaming? I mean, I sure am not just gaming, and everyone I know who needs a powerful CPU has at some point tried something else that was CPU intensive like recording or streaming gameplay at higher quality settings than the GPU can offer, 3D modeling, Game creation, video editing or even Music production. All of these need a strong CPU. So does the 5800X3D measure up with its new Stacked cache?