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AMD 11.6 weird issue


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Jan 19, 2009
I installed 11.6 drivers a few days ago. This morning I boot up my pc and get no display but a weird

coloredline on my screen. I tried another spare hard drive and windows installation was fine with display.

I'mrunning my primary display off an SSD and safe mode/last known good config did not work. So the

weirdthing is that I can only get display if I start hitting ctrl+alt+del really fast after windows logo. If I

don't dothat I just get this weird colored line on screen. When I do get into windows I had errors

reloading amd 11.6 drivers and got blue screen only once. I ended installing the previous drivers from

AMD and it still doesthe same thing. Has anyone had issues with 11.6 ? When I do boot into into

windows gaming does workfine. I think the only other error I had with 11.6 was that the drivers failed

installation or some crap like that. I did find ppl with problems with 11.6 but not the problem I'm having.

My lastest image backup done a few days ago was based on those drivers. I'd be mighty pissed if AMD

screwed my file system up with shitty drivers.


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May 11, 2011
Did you disable your antivirus and firewall software? If you don't you will have some failed installation of drivers. Uninstall and redo.

I didn't disable mine on 11.4 and it caused some weird artifacts in games...so I just uninstall/reinstall with disabled antivirus/firewall and everything went fine.


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Oct 4, 2007
safe mode + uninstall + reinstall.

your files will be perfectly fine.

11.6 was smooth as butter for me.