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AMD 5800XT Benchmark Spotted! Beats 10900K, but Not in Everything!


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Folding Team
Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with AMD. So we know that the next generation of AMD CPU’s will feature Zen 3 cores. And so far, the most information we got was on paper. AMD says that their goal is to maintain the progress above a 7% increase in IPC every 12 months. Thankfully though, they kept that bar much higher since the introduction of Zen, and it looks like the trend is not stopping with Zen 3.

In terms of the lineup, only 2 CPU’s have been rumored so far. Theres the 5900X, which is supposedly a 12 core CPU with early samples clocking in at a 3.7Ghz base clock and an insanely fast 4.9Ghz boost. Actually, in a recent rumors, they say that it could reach up to 5Ghz but I’ll just put a pin in that for now as there are no OPN’s, no leaks, and no reputable leakers with a good track record that really show that number.

Then theres also the 5800X which should be an 8 core CPU. This one though, This one we got some numbers for. Tum apisak, a reputable benchmark crawler, found the 5800X benchmarked in Ashes of the singularity. After looking into it, It looks like a single user has been benchmarking the 5800X quite a bit at multiple resolutions. We have the Crazy 1080p all the way up to crazy 4k presets. So lets look at the scores.

At all the crazy presets, It seems the 10900k Still beats the 5800X in the overall score. Not only that, but the 10900K also has a higher average frame rate than AMD’s next gen 8 core processor. So why is everyone saying that AMD’s 5800X is beating the 10900K?