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AMD Athlon X2 4600+


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Jun 8, 2007
I own the same PC

I bought the same computer a few months ago and so far its been Great! Then again though I was upgrading from a HP 2.0 Celeron Wallmart Special from 2003 so.............Anyways I really dunno why they have it on for so much unless thats a really good monitor that comes with it. All said and done out the door mine came in at $800, this was with XP mind you, one of the last XP machines they had. Later on I put a middle of the road ATI 1650 Pro 512 mb Video Card in (closer to perfromance of the 7600 IIRC) and it has just been great. An Intel E6600 would probably be faster but considering the value of the AMD I think I did alright (a simular with an INTEL E6300 was a few hunderd dollars more).