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AMD Puts R9-290X Pre-Orders Live; Asks for $200 Deposit


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Dec 14, 2009

Last time AMD got me back on their side (after the original ATI X800 Pro AGP 8x release, $600 Cdn when I bought it at NCIX in 2004 as far as I remember, don't remember why it was so expensive), was the release of the HD5870...Pretty nice cards, better than the GTX285....I bought one from NCIX in 2009, second batch they received, I had my name in for pre-order kinda deal (the XFX reference one, $425 PM'ed at the time). Very nice, DX11 and all that!!!

By the time DX 11 was actually used by more than a few "showcase" titles, my HD5870 1GB card was old news...

Now, buy blind, usage/promises of DX11.1 features, and Mantle (proprietary thru GCN Arch.)....although AMD's masterpiece is the "BF4/EA/DICE partnership"...

That causes some Battlefield players to be "all ears"...waiting for reviews...

These rumors of $730 make me sad. I am planning on upgrading my PC this year. The last time I upgraded was 2009, when the 5870 was the best single GPU card you could buy. Those sold for $380 at the time. I ended up buying a 5850 for $280 on sale. That was some serious value for the performance I was getting. Even though the 5870 was faster than Nvidia's GTX 285, AMD didn't go pricing it at $730 dolllars. I think in the end it was a smart strategy for AMD, because if you make a card that is better then the competition's, and sell it for less, they will fly off of the shelves. At $730, many people will say "yeah, its the fastest right now, but I'm not paying that much for a GPU".

I know that I'm not going to crack $500, so I'll be buying whatever is in their lineup that is less than that. Its a shame, because back in 2009 it felt good to have a top shelf GPU.


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Feb 26, 2007
Just wait for the final version of Battlefield 4 before making a decision about which card to buy. Any beta benchmarks are pretty pointless since most optimizations from AMD and NVIDIA will be targeting the final code of the game.


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Oct 3, 2011
So from the sounds of it, you'll be posting a review before the final version of BF4 is out?

If that's the case, I really really hope you do a follow up mini-review with updated benchmarks once BF4 has been out for a few weeks.

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