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AMD Radeon Super Resolution Is Great But…


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with AMD! Today, they unveiled new technologies for upscaling, and you guys know how much I love this stuff, So, let’s start with the brand new feature, RSR. RSR stands for Radeon super-resolution and was first teased by the company back in January at CES. All we had at the time was claims that you could get up to 1.7X the performance thanks to its upscaling tech and that you could boost performance in thousands of games.

Now, we know-how. Because RSR is basically the original fidelity FX super-resolution or FSR. The only difference between the OG FSR and RSR is that the upscaling that is happening with RSR Happens after every graphical process. Its basically the last step.

This means that while you will get the same performance boost as FSR, you will lose some visual fidelity in things like your heads-up display, text, and effects that happen on screen. But you get the benefit of applying the upscaling in thousands of games. It's a good tradeoff if you ask me.

Anyways, Moving on to FSR 2.0. Now this, I like it a lot. FSR 2.0 changes the upscaling method from Spatial with FSR 1 to Temporal upscaling in FSR 2.0. That allows FSR 2.0 to have a HUGE boost in image quality since it actually has information to work with to upscale.

With the original FSR, it was all frame by frame. It took the low res image, upscaled it, and applied their edge reconstruction and Contrast adaptive sharpening. It was nice, but if you started from a super-low resolution like in performance mode, it looked like garbage. With Temporal Scaling, it can look back at the data of the previous frame like depth and motion vectors, and enhance the future frames. Sure, you might catch some ghosting here and there, and maybe some shimmer, but overall the image quality at higher performance modes should drastically be better.