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AMD Renoir Infinity Fabric Clock Speed Is FAST! 2100 MHz!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with AMD, we’re a few weeks away from the Ryzen 3000XT release and we’re already getting some benchmarks. Yesterday Tum Apisak found some Geekbench runs for all 3 of the models. Just as AMD said, we can expect the improvements mostly in single-threaded workloads. The 3900XT for example gets an improvement of about 5% in single-core when compared to the 3900X but only about 3% if not less in the multi-core test. There doesn’t seem to be a higher “ All core boost” to those chips since that would cause the multi-core score to be a lot higher.

Thankfully, the “refined 7nm process” that Robert Hallock talked about will allow the chips to reach their advertised boost clocks more often and more consistently. Also in AMD, it looks like Renoir is getting the infinity fabric treatment we wanted to see. Now take this info with a grain of salt since it comes from the chip hell forum, but a screenshot of a Renoir APU has just popped up.

It features an 8 core CPU running at 4.375Ghz and the infinity fabric on this chip is cranked all the way up to 2100Mhz. This would move the sweet spot for memory up to 4200Mhz for the lowest raw memory latency possible as long as the timings are right. In this specific case, the memory was running at 4200Mhz, allowing a 1:1 ratio with the infinity fabric. The timings were 17-17-17-36 and once tested on Aida 64, the raw latency was 62.6 nanoseconds. As you can see from this chart with the infinity fabric at 1800Mhz, 62.6 nanoseconds is great. It’s especially beneficial for an APU since the Vram is essentially your system memory.

Now I think that this specific fabric clock might be an OC, since the actual number we’ve been hearing in the rumors was 2000Mhz, but either - or would already be a pretty good improvement. The rumors say that these chips will make their first appearance in July with the XT CPU’s so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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