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AMD RX 6000 Clock Speeds and Specs LEAKED!


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Folding Team
Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with AMD and wow is it an insane weekend. So, in the last video, we talked about a post on Reddit where someone found some specs for the next generation of AMD GPUs. At the time, all we had were the CU count and bus width for Navy flounder. Well, that same user decided to dig in deeper, but this time through the MacOS 11 beta code. In that update, he found the power play tables for 3 of AMD’s Navi 2X GPU’s and even some information about a Navi 3X GPU. Now a powerplay table doesn’t give us the whole story, but it does give us some clocks. And if Navi 10 is of any indication, the clocks are likely to be close to the maximums. If not, well, power-play table mods have been pretty successful in Navi 10.

Anyways, Let’s dig into the findings! We’ll start with Navi 21, the big boi. The chip apparently comes in 2 variants dubbed Navi 21A and Navi 21B. In terms of specs, we got the usual 80 compute units for 5120 stream processors, and for clock speeds, Navi 21 A appears to have a max boost of 2050 Mhz while sipping a meager 200W, and Navi B has a max of 2200Mhz at 238W.

Dropping down to another chip we have Navi 22. This is the one called Navy Flounder. While it has a considerably lower CU count at 40 compute units or 2560 stream processors it has the fastest clock setting in the frequency stable at 2500Mhz. That’s pretty insane. And it does so at 170W.