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AMD RX 6000 Wasn’t the Biggest Navi? 3070 ti Scrapped - New 3080 and 3070 in December!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with AMD! So… Big Navi. Something that was coined by the community and adopted by AMD. we got a little snippet of its performance in the zen 3 events and honestly, It was alright. Online people were comparing their scores to the RTX 3080 and its about 90 to 95% of the 3080’s performance.

Or is it?... because in reality, its performance should be a little worse. The testbed used to benchmark the RX 6000 was equipped with its latest 5900X processor. That means the score was influenced by it. How much worse was it? We’re entering into speculation territory here but it shouldn’t be a huge difference maybe a couple of frames. The tests were run in 4k and at that resolution, the FPS score is very much GPU bound. That’s why when they benchmark CPU’s the ideal resolution is 1080p to allow the CPU to flex its muscles.

The good news is that this GPU is likely NOT the biggest Navi, aka not their top-end model. Not only do we see reputable leakers mention that it’s not the top-end card, but AMD’s own CVP and GM at Radeon, Scott Herklman also hints at it.


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Aug 17, 2008
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Lots of speculation on those teased numbers. No one knows, but the AMD fans are hoping that AMD "jebaited" NVidia by showing a mid-tier card. I am leaning more toward the fact that they put their best foot forward in hopes of moderating expectations only see it blowing up in their faces as the fanbois are just sure this can't be the best they have.

I watched a video by Actually Hardware Overclocking, Buildzoid, and he went over the Big Navi speculation last year, before more info as dribbled out. HIs speculation on chip size, power requirements, core speed, etc. are revealing.

I won't link his ramblings, they aren't for everyone :) but if you are curious just go to YouTube and look him up. He does a lot of hardware analysis for Gamers Nexus, so if Steve trusts him, I trust him.

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