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AMD RX 6700 Series - It’s Happening AGAIN!


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Folding Team
Oct 2, 2006

In AMD news, we got some disappointment. So we know that their upcoming event is on March 3rd. That’s the “where gaming begins episode 3” event that they tweeted about 2 days ago. And as we saw in the tweet, they are going to expand on the upcoming lineup of paper launches... Sorry I meant GPU’s.

That expansion / the new products should compete with Nvidia’s new offerings, the 3060 ti and the RTX 3060 that just came out. As far as we knew, those products would be the 6700 series. The RX 6700 should have been released on the 15th of march and the 6700 XT on the 18th.

Now, why am I talking like I’m about to give you some bad news? Wellll….