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AMD Ryzen 4000 APU’s for Desktop Look AMAZING! Up to 2.1Ghz in Graphics Clock


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with AMD! A few days ago, we got a leak for an upcoming APU called the Ryzen 7 4700G. This leak was criticized for being fake because someone basically tricked user benchmark into displaying that name. Now don’t get me wrong, the name might be fake, but AMD is definitely working on an 8 core APU for desktop. Not only that, but According to a leak from Igor’s lab, they are working on a whole line-up of APU’s for desktops on the AM4 socket.

In this leak, there are 22 different chips, all with varying specs. We dont have the naming scheme yet for these APUs, and a lot of those will probably be reserved for OEM’s but let’s take a look at the chart.

In terms of the CPU, the core count varies from 4 to 6 to 8 cores. This means we’ll probably have r3’s 5’s and 7’s with the same 4-6-8 structure as we see in Ryzen 3000 CPU’s. The clock speeds in these vary from 1.7Ghz all the way up to 3.8Ghz. That’s the base clock. For boost clocks, depending on the model, it can be anywhere from 4.1Ghz to 4.45. In terms of TDP, there are 2 variants, 35 and 65 Watts.

On the Integrated graphics side of things, these APU’s mirror the mobile chips with up to a max of 8 compute units or 512 Stream processors. If we look at the Lowest end chip in that list, its a quad-core with 5 CU’s at a TDP of 35w. The CPU’s base clock is 2.5Ghz and the Vega Compute units are clocked at 1.4Ghz.

There are chips with 6 CU’s and others with 7 or 8, but the most impressive here is this 8 core chip here. It has a base clock of 3.6Ghz, a Boost of 4.45, and the graphics is 8CU’s clocked at a whopping 2.1Ghz. That’s insane, for a 65W part. With this kind of frequency, it reaches 2.15 Teraflops of FP32. That’s about 9% Faster than the 3400G with 3 fewer compute units. It’s kind of a bummer it doesn’t have more or them

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