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AMD's 6800 XT Could BEAT an RTX 4080?


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Oct 2, 2006

Let's get started with AMD. or actually, get started with Yuri aka 1 Usmus. He’s the creator of the ryzen clock tuner utility or CTR, the hydra utility, and of course the Ryzen Dram calculator. Well, he’s working on a utility for RDNA 2 and up GPU’s, and it looks really promising! Its called the Radeon Monster profile, and it will basically be a bunch of presets he made that make use of some unique settings and a new volt frequency curve. With this utility, he says that the 6800XT can go beyond 3090 Ti levels of performance. So that means that in raster performance, we could see it potentially trade blows or even beat a freaking RTX 4070, sorry 4080 12gb. I say this because in nvidia’s own charts, the 4080 12GB seems to struggle against the 3090 ti in non-ray traced games. Look here for example in RE village and Assasins creed Valhalla.

So how much more performance? Let's take a look at his charts. He tested it in 3D marks’ time spy and the stock 6800XT has a score of 19336 points. There are 2 Radeon monster profiles tested here, 305 and 370. But in that one, he says he got 21 443 points. That’s an increase of almost 11% in performance. With the higher profile, so profile 370, the 6800XT scores 21930 points, an increase of just over 13%. That’s just a little higher than a stock 3090 ti.

And it does that with much lower power at 370 watts rather than the 450 watts on the 3090 ti. Now of course, this is a synthetic benchmark, but for a GPU that’s now 2 years old. It's a good performance increase. The Radeon monster profiles are set to drop in fall and should work with all Navi 21 GPU’s, so the 6800 and up. No word on the 6700 series and below for now.

As for the 7000 series of GPUs, well he said that he hopes it will compatible. Probably because it leverages unique properties of Ryzen 6000. The 6800 XT can be had for about 580$ right now on newegg, and it will probably be lower once the 7000 series hit the shelves, so this might give that lineup a second life. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know down below!


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Mar 10, 2014
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I'm pretty impressed with mine as well. Not to mention the undervolting performance. And it already trades blows with the RTX 3080 (minus ray tracing of course) and that is the performance I was wishing for, even for gaming at 4K.

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