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And in even more other news...


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Apr 11, 2008
Correct me if I am wrong, but the dissolution of parliament, means that all current bills go in the crapper correct?

So, the silver lining would be, likely another 2+ years before a similar bill to C-32 (C-33 anyone?) gets drafted and debated, meaning that much more time for us Canadians to wade in the murky grey of "unethical downloading"

Can't enforce punishment without law, and can't have law without legislation :thumb:

Though on the flip side it means the loss of some critical crime bills as well. :doh:
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Dec 30, 2010
FiXT, I think you look at it all wrong... It might be a bit more time but after whoever gets in office, whether the current or the same but in a different name, will just change the 'laws' and regulations anyway. So, DL now for later will be changed forever!

Oh, this is another situation for wasted money. I guess they all want to have something else to do while they play musical chairs (surely, they play music like election songs) when calling each other names and arguing about who's better or who has a bigger mouth.

I found this although it's for 2008. It's nothing like some numbers to really suggest the waste is stupid... getting some numbers in front of you is good for saying thanks for taking all that money and shoving it up your .....

2008 Election Costs: U.S. -vs- Canada

Elections Canada Online | Report of the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada on the 40th*General Election of October*14,*2008

I looked at the election page with the parties and I'm not sure I'll choose any. Maybe narrow it to two maybes but if I don't want to choose but instead pick none of the above... is there a box for G. F. Y.? :blarg:


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Feb 8, 2010
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An election means voting. Voting means finding someone worthwhile to vote for. Finding someone worthwhile means moving. Sorry, moving too much trouble. Conservatives, no. Liberals, no. That doesn't leave much.

Yes, to seeing Bill C32 die. But look at the record. The first time it was attempted, it wasn't too bad, but then an election. The 2nd time (current) it's just about everything the Record and Media industries asked for and yet another election. Harper has prorogued Parliament twice in that time. In spite of a poor record, people are still voting for his party. Don't know why.

Collectively, all these people are supposed to be doing something for all Canadians by governing the country. They aren't. In spite of that, it still is better here than many other places, but it is depressing.


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Jan 20, 2011
the way i see it is an election is being forced because the libs think it is their god given right to govern this country. and they will play their games until they get an election that they like the outcome or us people say in a way they understand no liberals in power


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Aug 11, 2008
Hooray to wasting money and time.

I wonder if UBB will be a topic. I bet $10 it won't be.