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Another Dredfull Build


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May 7, 2008
Nope I vote Vista its not to Shabby with a solid build I haven't had a single hiccup with my build on Vista Ultimate. There is a lot of nay saying floating around out there about Vista but unless you go to mac or Linux just do it and get used to it. It's not like windows 7 whenever it come around is going to be more like XP it's going to be more like Vista it's just the way MS is going server 2008 is a spiting image of the Vista flow as well. and all the pretty bells and whistles aside it works really well. If your expeirenced enough to build your PC you are more then qualified to figure out the changes in Vista. PLus DX10.1 DX11 is coming around soon and it's unlikely it will backtrack to XP....enough of that though...have you considered any other 4870 ATI cards the saphire is more $$$ then most.