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Any way to prove rogers wrong?


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Apr 21, 2010
i am having the same issue with rogers right now, last resetted my routers usage meter 2 days ago, now when i check with rogers it tells me i have used 6gb yesterday and 8gb last day, while my router tells me it has only used 2gb(download+upload) in the past 2days, which is friggen ridiculous, i have filed a ticket ont heir site but i highly doubt they will give me a good response for it. whole story: 1.about 2month back, my 80% discount with rogers was expiring 2.called them and some how bargained for a 70% plan that goes on for a year(they got me trapped since there's an actual contract) 3.the internet usage from the past 2 month have all went over the limit, while i have the same limit and i havn't done anything differently(i usually use 40-50gb a month from watching movies/tv shows online) 4.after having to pay a extra 20dollars last month, i started keeping track of my usage, which isn't very surprisingly, their usage meter is complete bullcrap 5.i am thinking of canceling my subscription, but since i have a year contract, they'll probably just keep ripping me off for another year 6.if i learned anything, it's that i will never subscribe to them again, their customer service isn't even very good, all they do is tell you that they will give you some sort of discount to keep you ripped off


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May 31, 2009
They could be hacked or you could be hacked

UP date Exporer to latest update and adobie and Java and Windows.

Scan fore botting on your computer and up date router to latests driver.

IF you still have problems it could be on there end :angry2:

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