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Anyone here have a recent Dell XPS 15.6in or XPS 17? A question about their panels


Folding Captain
Jul 12, 2008
GTA, Ontario
Looking to take another shot at a Dell. Specifically, the XPS 15.6in or XPS 17 models.

I have watched the HWC review of the XPS 17 (and others) and it looks solid...but it comes to about $3k when I factor in what I want (i7, 16GB, 500GB nvme, dedicated GPU, and a screen upgrade). I also have been throwing in Dell's accident protection due to the toddler being around the laptop a fair bit.

My use case is mostly just basic TBH...
- want to stick to Dell
- a lot of webpages open (sometimes side by side on my current 17in laptop)
- lots of documents
- and some Camtasia work for tutorial videos
- would prefer a dedicated GPU to help with the editing work, and well, just because. trying to decide of the 2060 is much of a step-up from the 1550ti they offer.
- In the spring and summer, I might be doing some of this outside on the patio
- screen clarity is a big deal for me. I hate it when there is blurry text, and I would rather have a glossy screen if the text is going to be clearer than a matte one if the test is going to be distorted.

On the note about the screen clarity...Dell lists this as my screen options:

I'm wondering if the "anti-glare" just means matte, vs some kind of coating for the "anti reflective" option which is $400 more. The touch screen is a bonus, but I can live without if needed.

I'm also wondering if the extra real estate on the XPS is worth it.

If anyone has any experiences with these, or info on the screen let me know. I recently sent back a Dell G7, and my reasons for sending back are here: https://hardwarecanucks.com/forum/t...ron-g7-17-7700-and-why-im-returning-it.83025/