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AP and long-range wireless solutions?


Jun 29, 2012
Hello, I've looked around through here and other sites, but the information seems a bit stale. Sorry if I've missed something...

So, my Tomato-modified Linksys WRT54G is starting to really show it's age, dropping wireless all over the place! :angry2:

I'm looking obviously to replace/upgrade that, and I'm wondering about some recommendations, BUT
I don't need the router part as I'm just using it as switch/AP (it's just for stronger signal and legacy clients). And I'd also like to upgrade my router's wireless ability (currently none, USB2/PCI/Gigabit available).

I'm wondering about ethernet-only AP solutions for the switch/AP replacement, as I have a new trendnet green gigabit switch ready-to-use, but I don't need to use that switch so if there's a good integrated one that can have the router/wan stuff turned off that's cool too.

For the other wireless (usb/pci/?), I'd like it to be as omnidirectionally long-range as possible. I've seen 1W and 2W setups, but most of them don't seem to be available anymore, and I'm not sure how well they really work in real-world use.

I'd like the ability to use an external antenna for both, so I can upgrade antennas easily if things change as well. I may mod one of the long-range antennas for directionally long-range if necessary for the coverage I want.

Thanks, and Happy Canada Day Weekend! :canadianwave:

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