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Want to Sell Apogee GTX $50 CAD Shipped w/ Freebies, Passing on the Favor


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Oct 2, 2008
Hey guys,
Well i just bought an E7200 off of synth and he was kind enough to give me this for free with the CPU (Thank you very much). Im too poor atm to go full wc so i had my idea of doing ghetto watercooling but unfortunately its not gonna work out. Im too poor to spend money on a rad right now and could really use some extra cash. BUT im not an ingrateful bastard so whoever this goes too will be getting a good deal and ill throw in some extra stuff to pass the favor on.(thanks again synth).

So anyways,
Im offering the:

Apogee GTX with the backplate
all the barbs and stuff that Synth included
the Swiftech Hydrx that Synth also inclded :p
A tube of As5 or Ceramique (Synth sent me some ceramique too!)
a $10 NCIX gift card
and a scythe 120mm fan (not sure on exactly which one if anyone is interested i can give that info :))

Im asking SOLD for everything. Im honestly a total noob at watercooling stuff so im not sure how much this is worth. Im trying to give a good deal to someone while still getting a bit of cash infusion for myself. If someone thinks im asking too much please pm me and i will adjust the price :).

And btw to anyone that is hesitent or thinking about making a deal with Synth he is absouletely the best guy i have ever dealth with. I have over 100 rep over the various sites ive sold/bought on including ebay and ive never come across someone this nice. So absolutely do not hesitate.

Pics attached (didnt get the fan ceramique or gift card, if someone really wants i can take a pic of that stuff too, i was too lazy to root them out of my desk)


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Oct 16, 2008
New Westminster
nice! I'm sure someone will snag that fast, I almost want to... but I don't really need it, mind you that never stopped me in the past :rofl: good luck on the sale :thumb: