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Are Tecware Forge M ARGB any good?


New member
Jun 27, 2020
I have been looking for a budget friendly mesh case that is under 100$ and i found these case that is the Forge M, it has 3 Fan included, a fan controller and rubber groumet.It looked really good when i see it but the only thing i haven't see : were the review, is there any owner or someone that has tried this case? or do you guys have any suggestion for this kind of cases?


Staff member
Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
If you do a google search there are a few reviews / pressers out there for it.

I wouldn't expect much special from it though, a quick look at the internals suggests it's a bog standard layout and I'm sure it's not the beefiest frame in the world, but it'd probably work as well as any of the other budget cases out there in this price range.


Jul 1, 2020
I acquired that case just a couple of months back and i must say, i am preety happy with what i have in my end. The Polygonal structure of the front mesh panel makes the case look stylish with enough of airflow. Already included 3 RGB fans at the front and another fan at the rare end, there is more space to add up couple of more fans on the top. A 240 mm radiator can also be fixed at the top as per your requirement. Also 2 more 120 mm fans can be adjusted in the PSU Shroud to make the case more cooler. The case is a spacy one with GPU clearance of 330 mm, CPU cooler clearance of 160 mm and so on. Everything about this case clicked for me with Hinged design tempered glass side panel . It has magnetic air filter on top and a pinned PSU Filter at the bottom. Only downing part for me is there is no air filter at front mesh. It is a perfect complimenting case for your component. So i suggest you opt for it. Good Luck.