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ASUS - Chassis Intruded FIXED!

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Oct 24, 2007
SG doesnt have to say jack. He has proven himself to not to be a moron.

Soldering / "hard modding" a mobo when there is easier solutions is moronic. It is a last resort fix. ASKING for help before doing it would have been more optimal. Hell doing a hard mod, having smoke rise up from the mobo and THEN recommending it as anything other than a last resort fix also falls into the same category.

You always start with the easy things first (like you did)...then if they dont work do you move on to harder fixes. The OP would have known this is he had been around the block a few more times. OR at least had not been a dick about being told what he did was stupid.

Oh and you are off to a great start here mate. I just bet peeps will be lining up to help you when you ask for help. :blarg:

In case you miss the point it...the 'only say it once' bit means that SG and others are not going to even try help the next time as the OP was acting like a dick....kinda like how your first post is very dickish.
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Dec 8, 2008
Well this thread is getting locked.

Comming into a conversation with attitude and a chip on your shoulder is the worst way to introduce yourself.
If you need a forum you can do that at, ask, I'll send you on your way. That kinda stuff is not welcome here.

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