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Asus Commando review by TechGage


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Dec 2, 2006
New Brunswick
They had trouble with the crossfire, but at this point, no biggy- They reached 475 FSB which isn't too shabby, but not the 590 that ASUS said they got it to. All in all a good performer though, by the looks of their results. TechGage gave it an 8/10.

  • "Pros
  • Clean, all black PCB
  • It’s a Republic of Gamers board
  • LCD display on the back is a neat novelty
  • On board power, reset and clear CMOS buttons
  • 100% rock solid stable
  • Overclocks well, even at default settings
  • Ships with Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter
  • Completely stable foundation for Windows Vista
  • Cons
  • When CrossFire works, it’s still crippled by a x4 PCI-E slot
  • Expensive "

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