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Want to Sell Asus MIVE-Z, 2600K, 16GB G.skill DDR3 1600, Silver Arrow


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Jun 22, 2011
I was going to buy it once I figured out how much shipping was, but if you don't want to sell it that is fine. Just wasn't sure how much shipping to ON would be but if most people are saying $20 or so that is fine since I thought it might cost like $50 or something :/

I sent you a PM the other day but you never answered. I'm going to be putting up a 775 quad core soon (and some dual cores) so if you want I could trade in one of those too if you still need something to run a server.
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Mar 13, 2012
Are you willing to part out? I'm interested in the RAM you have for sale. Also, I saw you were powering your unit with a CX430. Are you planning on keeping that PSU for a future build?

Nvm: just saw your request to lock the thread. Sorry.

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