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Asus transformer prime TF201


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Nov 11, 2011
The netherlands
Hello guys and sorry for MAYBE the wrong topic

but I got a question about my tablet.

it doesnt work anymore
it wont turn on

I had turned it on and then put it away and 5 minutes later I want to look for something on my tablet and then it wont turn on anymore I try to recharge for 1 min and then try on again but NO screen just black
Also tried to plugin into my PC and try to detect it and it also didnt found my tablet

so maybe one of u guys know the problem?
my tablet cant be dead right?

Greetz SKozaa


Jul 7, 2009
Maybe try a reset? There should be a reset hole that you can stick a pin in on the side.
Or you can a hard reset:
With the TF off and unplugged from any chargers or cords, press and hold the volume down and the power button for about 12 seconds until some small text appears at the top left. Let go and wait about 10 seconds. The next screen has a green box on the right icon and it will cold boot linux in about 10 seconds.
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