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ATI RV630 (Radeon X2600), RV610, and G84, G86 delayed.



Until 3rd week of May

DAAMIT again delayed its graphic products. It is not R600 this time, as ATI had to delay its original plans with RV630, aka Radeon X2600 generation.

The reason is simple, the current Asic has a problem and DAAMIT needs more time to fix it. It delays its original plans by 4+ weeks.

The bad part is that the volume production starts on June and Nvidia will dominate with Geforce 8600 got at least two months before it gets any competition.

Really DAAMIT.

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nVidia too having issues.

NVIDIA APPEARS TO need a respin both G84 and G86 to A03 silicon.

Not much more to say: buggy, needs more time, and it will most likely delay the April 17 launch. If the firm does launch it on April 17, it will be a soft launch, not the usual hard variety.

Source : TheInq

RV610 delayed until end of May

One more delayed

ATI keeps delaying. Yesterday we reported that RV630 got delayed till middle of May and today we can confirm that entry level 65 nanometre RV610 chip is also delayed till end of May.

This means you should be able to get the cards in volumes around Computex time. We didn’t get the exact details on what went wrong but the chip got delayed for more than four weeks.

Going from 80 nanometre to 65 is not a walk in the park but it can be done, but obviously not without a obstacles.

Geforce 8600 generation based on G84 is fixed for the mid April launch and G86 an DirectX 10 entry level chips should not launch that far away.

It will be interested to see what kind of excuse ATI / AMD people will come up now as the R600 delay was called as a strategy move. It was a strategy as ATI pushed so many chips that delays became a part of its strategy.

I am sure that this won't make people in Morgan Stanley and other investment houses too happy.

Source : FUD

Thanks to Tim for the story


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Feb 10, 2007
makes me feel better about buying an EVGA 8800GTX Superclocked. i was afraid i'd get it and the next week they'd release the 8900GTX.

also wish they'd come up with new names for cards. this generation with DirectX 10 would have been perfect for them to ditch the now way too old GeForce and Radeon namesakes. time has long come for a new card branding.


I still encounter people who thing that a "geforce" is better than a "radeon" or vice versa. These are luddites who don't have any idea what a 9800 was, or an 8800 is. I don't think they can afford to ditch those names quite yet.


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
Well, now I'm glad that I caved and ordered another 1950pro for friday.

No telling when the new ATIs will be out, and I know I won't be running Vista any time soon.