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Audio Problem


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Feb 5, 2009
Vancouver, BC

I used to be able to use my back audio ports, but my front audio ports didn't work, before i installed an HT Omega Striker. AFterwards, the front audio ports work but the back one don't. Please Help Me!!!!!

I'm using Vista Ultimate 32 bit. I installed the most current drivers and uninstalled the old Realtek ones. I only plugged the front audio port from the mobo to the HT Striker.



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Jul 22, 2009
There can be many reasons why it won't work...

I would first check out the htomega website to see if the card and physical connections are setup properly.
see HT Omega

Then, I would examine the software settings; Some sound cards (I'm speaking generally here as I don't have your 7.1 card) have some functionality built in where if you plug in something in the front panel it will stop the rear outputs from going at teh same time. Some trial and error is best at this stage. Start with the configuration that closest resembles your own audio setup. If you select a 4.1 setup in my setup for example, the lineout can opt to become 4 speakers... front out and rear out. Lets just try that and hopefully you'll get the full spectrum of your card~!


If anybody feels I've left out something, please don't hestitate to write down your responses below.