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AVR off = BSOD...


Jun 15, 2007
Hey guys,

I have a HTPC setup consisting of an Asus Rampage 2 GENE with i7 920 and 6GB of ram/ ATI 5870 providing bitstream and HDMI out to my Anthem MRX 500. The MRX 500 in turn is HDMI out to my JVC HD950, and unless my JVC is ON I get hard BSOD and will boot loop until I have the 950 on again.

I thought this may have something to do with Windows 7's "monitor detection" that is loved by none.

It is honestly driving me crazy because I have a secondary monitor that I use so I wouldn't have to fire up my whole system to check something on the HTPC or fire a file on a thumb drive or something silly like that, yet it wont work unless my 950 is on.

I really dont want to enable "CEC" on my Anthem MRX to maintain HDMI passthu as it eats about 60w and adds a ton of heat to my rack.

Any thoughts or am I up the creek?

Thanks for any thoughts!