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baseboard heating ?????


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May 18, 2011
Big White Ski Resort
yes, it does thanks very much it gives me a much better understanding of electric heating cost thanks so much. just want to be clear so in 2 months your family used a total of 5,548 kWh, if you don't mind me asking what is the lowest temps you normally see in winter ??? thanks again very very helpful

On another topic, we found a real estate agent I like a lot and she told me straight, that no one is getting house inspection anymore because people want a fast closing and she told us if we want to buy a house and one of the conditions is a home inspection she says the seller will pass for someone who doesn't have that condition which sucks huge, yes I asked 2 other agents and my friend who was in real estate for many years and they all said the same thing so it seems we get to buy a house without an inspection. not a fan but will live with it

The only thing that will worry me is the roof and foundation that is anything else I can fix or get fixed so this is going to be fun lol
Nothing like buying a home in a crazy hot market thank god we plan on living there for many many years

Lowest winter temps can be -40 but the average in winter is probably -10 to -15. I changed all the t-stats to 5-2 programmable so they turn down when we are away work/school and at night. Run the basement at 16.5 at night and away. 18 when home.

The nice part about being in the mountains is it cools off to 10 - 15 at night, so free air-conditioning.

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