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battdepot.ca good or bad?


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
Going to keep the good news / bad news chain going.....

Ordered a Dr Battery replacement for a Dell E6420 (significant discounts on the Dr Battery reg price) from Battery Depot and it seems to be working fine. Currently @ 53% after 3 hrs of full screen wifi streaming video after the initial charge so it seems to be on par with what the OEM battery is reported as being able to provide.

Only issue was my lack of attention to small detail... this particular model has a different profile than the OEM Dell and thus doesn't allow the laptop to mate with my docking station. Again.... this is on me as the difference is clearly labeled on the website up to and including a warning that specifically mentions docking stations.

So.... happy with my purchase so far. An OEM battery replacement would have been $150 + shipping + tax while this cost me a little over $70 delivered so I saved well over 50%.

That said.... I got what I ordered and it appears to be in working order so I haven't had to deal with what appears to be sometimes spotty CS.

edit: Now that I've had a second look I see that there are two extended models.... one that protrudes out the bottom and one that extends "out the side".... I ordered the less expensive (by $2) one which happens to be the one that won't work with the dock........ :(

Dr. Battery Advanced Pro Series Dell Latitude E6420 LDE263XF-AP 6600mAh / 73Wh Notebook Battery - BattDepot Canada

Ahhhh well... live and learn.
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