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BE 965 + prime 95


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Jul 12, 2010
Hey Guys,

I was running my 965 3.8 ghz a few hours ago and within 5 mins of the test, i keep getting rounding errors. So ive searched around and it turns out my OC isnt stable. So i loaded the optimized defaults and ran the test with stock clock.

So far after 2 hrs (and counting) no errors, no BSOD, freezing, etc.

Now, ive searched the forums and came across this http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/overclocking-tweaking-benchmarking/33510-these-temps-ok.html and read through the post. And it seems like the temp on my 965 (when using prime) goes as high as 65C. Im using Core temp 0.99.7 + CPUID Hardware monitor to monitor temps.

My vcore (idle) is 1.07v, but full load is 1.47v. Core temp (idle) 38C, ambient temp - 23C.

I believe its high - stressing the CPU and RAM for 2+ hours. Now before i OC this rig any further, any way i can reduce the temp besides adding more fan and/or a newer case?

Im using a thermaltake V9, stock cooling fan, CoolIT push/pull configuration, stock 4890.

This is how she sits ATM:


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