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Want to Sell BFG 8800GTS OC 640MB (96SP) with EK waterblock


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Oct 9, 2008
Quebec City
First of all, my own FS rules to follow :

-All items is sold AS-IS with only a 48 hours DOA warranty. If you got a item which is DOA, you have 48 hours from the reception date to make a claim. To be refunded, you must ship back the defective item at your expense and refund doesn't include shipping charges (This is on a case per case basis and I'm open to other ideas).
-All the items for sale are all in working condition when I package them (unless noted otherwise).
-You need to be registered on HWC for more than a few days to qualify. Otherwise, please provide other references.
-I will use Canada Post for shipping. I will pick the priority based on price and if you wanted to get it faster, you pay the extra price above the regular parcel price.
-I will never ever ship first.
-My heatware is under Xilikon with 55-0-0 as feedback.
-I will take Paypal or money order. If you want to send a money order, you have 7 days to get this to me or the item get back for sale.
-I cannot take EMT since I'm with a credit union which doesn't offer that.
-Everything include original package unless noted otherwise.

Here is a BFG 8800GTS OC 640MB (96 SP version) with both the stock dual-slot cooling and a EK 8800GTS waterblock. It's in good working condition without any leaks or issues at the time I pulled it from a HTPC. It's a great card for folding or for HTPC like I did. The waterblock include a pair of 3/8" D-Tek barbs.

I'm looking to sell this for SOOOLLLLDDDDD for the whole package. I won't separate the bundle but remember I'm almost tossing the waterblock for free in the deal.
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