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BFG Tech Sending Out RMA Denial Letters: Winding Down Business



@ Kitty. Your out of luck. I had already sent my bfg8800gt. Just to get a message saying that they had canceled my RMA.


I was waiting ... for my repaired card when i goet the letter !!

omg, is so dam sad, my gts 250 was only 2 months old and now.. what? pay for another new card.... 8*-( well g luck with all those guys workless now... Hey any advice what card should i buy ? ati xfx? or any other brand ?


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Dec 18, 2009
Richmond, B.C.
Someone should explain to the writer of that PC Perspective article that a box printed in English and French is almost certainly destined for the Canadian market.


Aug 4, 2007
very interesting, doesnt look like a fake. hell it would have been done before(sticker on an oem card) and very good idea too.

thats the way to go these days. find a reliable manufacturer, one that does cards for pny or something, stick your sticker on.

now, if they didnt pay for the order, then it doesnt partially explain the belly up for bfg.

shame on amd for not letting them sneak onboard! :D


@ Kitty. Your out of luck. I had already sent my bfg8800gt. Just to get a message saying that they had canceled my RMA.
Ouch. From more searching, it seems like they're no longer accepting RMA requests and attempting to cancel before the product is sent to them. Looks like I'll take apart my 9600, vacuum/dust the entire thing, and look into baking it. It seems to have worked for many people; it may not work for me but with a dead card I have nothing to lose :p

It does bother me that the card died without any logical reason (I never pushed it hard or played very demanding games). I like to 'future-proof', or have parts that will last me at least 3-5 years. This one was from 2008 and should have still lasted. Meanwhile, the FX 5200 is still going strong, despite being used for 3+ years in a crappy HP computer, and then sat in the dust for 2+ years.

Anyway, I'll bake my 9600 and see if that helps. If not, I need to look into an equal card that is cheap and will last me another couple of years.


bad timing...

Geeze, I really gotta keep up with these things.

Unbeknownst of any BFG troubles, I inquired and sent in a dead BFG 8600GTS under supplied RMA on July 31st. Dead card had been hiding in the basement for over a year. This afternoon I see notification that my RMA has reached the "Final Stage (3) :Your RMA was processed in the BFG Warehouse on 2010-08-18 13:55:08 and has already shipped." This along with a FedEx tracking number. Super, my replacement/repair is on its way. Gotta love that lifetime warranty, I think to myself....

Then tonight I receive the "winding down and liquidating" denial email which indicates "As a result we are unable to setup or process any new RMAs for BFG products." Huh? Google gets me here and I catch up on some news.

SO, the question I now ask myself, is what will Mr. FedEx deliver to my door? Will it be my replacement card? OR, will it by my dead BFG momento of an era gone by?
Sure I could call customer service and try to get an idea of what's to be delivered, but seriously, I gotta figure the poor fellow on the other end has other important things on his mind at the moment. Best to just leave him be. I shall soon see what Mr. FedEx has for me....

To the employees that will endure loss from this, I wish you the best of luck. Peace


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Apr 13, 2008
Ajax, Ontario
Well, I was working on my neighbours Compaq yesterday and discovered the fan on his BFG 9500GT was toast, I told him he's probably s.o.l. since BFG announced there demise but he could try an RMA. So he called the 1-800 number and after 10-15 minutes finally spoke to a lady who informed him they could no longer help him. Apparently she said "even if we had the part, we no longer have a parts dept. or a shipping dept. we only have a skeleton crew taking calls and a few office personel left".

On that note, if anyone has a heatsink fan for a 9500GT PM me...lol...Bye bye BFG, it was fun while it lasted.

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