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Big Navi Has Been DECODED - 4 Navi 21 GPU’s and RX 5000 Refresh!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s start with Navi because god knows I’ve done enough Ryzen coverage in the last month or so. So it all starts with _Rogame. He’s a twitter leaker, a super reliable one might I add, and today, he’s kind of breaking the pc hardware internet. He just created his own website for his leaks and his first leak is a HUGE Big navi one. Essentially, he was able to decode all of the pcid’s and place them on the upcoming stack. This means we’ll know how many high-end GPU’s we’re going to see from AMD so, Let’s get into it.

Now for the actual specs, we only have the maximums. Up to 80 compute units, which would equate to 5120 Stream processors, basically twice the amount that the 5700XT currently has. The die size is also literally twice that of the 5700 xt at around 505 millimeters squared. Now that might sound HUGE, but for a flagship GPU at 7nm’s, it’s NOT. NVidia’s 2080 ti is at 775 millimeters squared. And Lastly we have the power efficiency or performance per watt of RDNA2. Big navi or Navi 21 is supposedly 50% better thanks to the enhanced TSMC node refresh It’s not 7nm+ but its definitely a new process.

Now that is a lot of horsepower, but what does the line-up actually look like. This is where rogame comes in. Just to clarify the next section is part rogame leaks and part Speculations on my part. So grain of salt pound of fish. While there are leaks about data center and apple specific cards, I’m focusing on PC gaming.

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